Don’t Call it a Comeback

After one year of neglect, I’m back. And better than ever. I decided to revive my blog because I’m starting baking and pastry school in two weeks! Yes, I finally took the plunge, and registered at Johnson & Wales North Miami. I’m a little nervous; after all, I’ve been out of school for three years now, and I don’t know what to expect. But ultimately, I’m looking forward to it. And I’ll be sharing it all here on the blog along the way.

Wish me luck!


I am a terrible blogger–update and dulce de leche

This is my first blog post since April, and I am really angry with myself. But I have been really busy spending time at an actual bakery! I have made tons of goodies over the past few months, and took pictures of most of them, because I knew I would get back to blogging at some point. To start off with, here are some really yummy cupcakes I made this morning. They’re devil’s food cupcakes with dulce de leche topping. So delicious!