Christmas Gingerbread Cookies

I have always loved the gingerbread cookies from The Gingerbread Construction Company, which has two store locations in Massachusetts ( . My mom would bring them home from the Wellesley craft fair every December. This year, I finally felt confident enough to take them on. First, of course, I needed to find a good gingerbread recipe. I went to my favorite website,, and selected Eileen’s Spicy Gingerbread Men, which had excellent reviews. After I mixed the dough, rolled it, chilled it, and cut out the shapes, I was ready to bake them. They came out delicious! I was off to an excellent start.

I knew the hardest part of these cookies to replicate would the the frosting. The Gingerbread Construction Company’s frosting on their gingerbread cookies was always very hard, sweet, and extremely tasty. I immediately thought that it was probably royal icing, which is known for it’s sweetness and stiffness. I knew that royal icing consisted of powdered sugar and egg whites, but I needed a good ratio. So, I selected Royal Icing I from All Recipes. I cut this recipe in half because I knew I wouldn’t need too much. On my first try, the icing never fully dried and hardened. You can see the stickiness in these pictures:


I decided to try another batch to give to people as gifts. My first try wasn’t good enough. The only changes I made to the cookies was to roll the dough out a little thicker. The cookies were very moist and delicious once again. For the icing, I beat the eggs much longer and added a little more sugar until it got the consistency described in the recipe. Success! It took about two days to harden completely, but I could tell right away that it was going to be perfect. Once they were dry, I placed them in little tins along with the Best Big, Fat, Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie



And I sent them off for friends and family to enjoy!

I hope you had a Merry Christmas as well!


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    Mar 07, 2009 @ 22:02:59

    jessie this is a terrific website, i am so proud of you.. so professtional, did i spell that right? i love and miss you so much, you are wonderful


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